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Based on long-standing success, we have built up a personal network on owner and senior management level with a large number of market leaders.

What we do

hachmeister + partner provides consulting services for industry and retail companies in the fashion and lifestyle sector.

Based on long-standing success, we have built up a personal network on owner and senior management level with a large number of market leaders. Our activities are focussed on the core areas strategy, processes and organisation and these at all stages of the value-added chain.

Our team of management consultants provides objective advice and pursues our customer’s goals of sustained value enhancement and growth maximisation with expertise and sector specific knowledge. In addition to proven methodical competence, h + p places special emphasis on ease of implementation.

We base our work on our unique data pool with which we can instantly recognize the most current structures and trends developments and which allows us to maintain a position at the forefront of the fashion sector.

Our mission

To develop the sector with enthusiasm
Above all, our corporate culture is characterized by the personal commitment of the individual, long-term relationships and self-reliant work. The following values ​​hold our company together and guide the behavior of our teams:
  • Competence: h + p stands for deep know-how, a unique data pool and extreme practical relevance. Customer and consultants always discuss at eye level: The consultants knows how his customer "is ticking" - the customer relies on his consultant.
  • Authenticity: h + p partners are authentic and they advise by conviction. We meet our customers openly and humanely.
  • Freedom: We value freedom and responsible work. This means that regardless of standards, we respond to the individual needs of our customers. Every project is a new reference project.
  • Friendship: "Working as with friends" is not just a motto at h + p. This is demonstrated by the long-term relationships h + p has with its customers and employees. We treat each other in a very open and respectful way and have the most pleasure sharing the success together. 

The story of hachmeister+partner

For more than 70 years hachmeister + partner has been a leading management consultancy for the textile and lifestyle sector. A view of the important milestones of the company development:

  • 2019 Third "Berlin Talks" under the title "LEAD NETWORK INNOVATE
  • 2019 Frank Ganzasch and Tobias Humpert become General Managers
  • 2017 Strategic cooperation with SEAK
  • 2017 With the kap (h + p Customer Analysis Portal), h + p offers another innovative tool for its customers
  • 2017 h + p develops a new customer and style world model
  • 2017 Second "Berlin Talks" under the theme "Transformation. Shape"
  • 2017 Recording by Christoph Schwarzl as another partner at h + p
  • 2016 h + p participates with 50% in the Berlin eCommerce specialist
  • 2016 Addition of another partner: Matthias Hettlage
  • 2015 With the new hap (h + p analysis portal), h + p offers its customers an innovative BI tool
  • 2015 The benchmarking data pool now covers more than € 5 billion retail sales volume p.a.
  • 2015 First "Berliner Gespräche" are held as an industry platform for decision makers
  • 2014 Aufnahme weiterer Partner in die Sozietät: Tobias Humpert, Rouven Angermann, Dr. Carsten Lurse
  • 2014 The benchmarking data pool exceeds 4 Mrd. Euro retail sales volume
  • 2013 Building a shoe database with over 600 POS
  • 2012 The benchmarking data pool covers 3bn Euro retail revenue p.a.
  • 2011 Publication of the textile industry edition „Erfolgsstrategien der Fashion-Branche: Von den Besten lernen“
  • 2011 Opening location Düsseldorf
  • 2010 Publication of the BTE-specific documentation (association of the German textile trade – BTE) „ Der Erfolg vertikaler Flächenkonzepte“
  • 2010 Start of consulting services for the shoe trade and shoe industry
  • 2009 The benchmarking data pool covers 2bn Euro retail revenue p.a.
  • 2009 With the help of h + p the inter-branch organisation BTE and German Fashion publishes a manual of “KPI definitions” for vertical space controlling
  • 2007 h + p initiates and supports the paper „Internationalisation of German Fashion manufacturers” from the marketing and trade chair of the University of Trier
  • 2005 h + p becomes a BTE competence partner
  • 2003 Development BTE sector product group code for clothing, textile and sport
  • 2003 Best practice study for verticalisation in the fashion sector
  • 2002 Start of the new h + p sector data pool generation for retail and industry
  • 2000 Opening of today’s corporate headquarters in Bielefeld
  • 1999 Michael Hauf, Managing Partner of h + p, publishes the book „Benchmarking im Textileinzelhandel“
  • 1998 Start of industry consulting
  • 1998 Opening of the Reutlingen location
  • 1990 Development of the profiling offensive for leading specialist retailers
  • 1955 Build-up of a service network for the clothing sector
  • 1949 Foundation of the consultancy by Wilhelm Hachmeister

The partners of hachmeister+partner

Frank Ganzasch
General Manager
Tobias Humpert
General Manager
Lars Voß
General Manager
Klaus Harnack
Michael Hauf
Ole Schartl
Christoph Schwarzl
Uwe Seibicke
Uwe Seibicke
Uwe Seibicke

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