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Dear Business Associates of hachmeister + partner,

“Things will only work out bilaterally” read the headlines of TW last week hitting the nail right on the head. Past models for cooperation and terms & conditions must urgently be put to the test in view of Corona. New individual solutions are called for that can only be agreed on in an honest partnership between retail and industry. At the end of the day everything comes down to net revenue in Euro per square metre. h+p partner Ole Schartl will address this topic in this Newsletter.

And if there’s one other thing that is perfectly clear, then it’s this: Corona will accelerate the digitalisation of the value chain. We will no longer place orders the way we did 20 years ago, in showrooms with order books in hand – our B2B operations will in future be just as digital as our B2C operations. In a few days hachmeister + partner will launch the digital Order Optimizer with its external partner mobimedia. h+p-Partner Christoph Schwarzl has very interesting things to share that you can also find this Newsletter.

CRM is the sharpest weapon for retail – sharper than any aggressive pricing. Reaching out to shoppers in a very personal and individual way is as important as ever. h+p partner Uwe Seibicke deals with this central strategic issue.

Furthermore, we cover the topic of rental costs so crucial for revenue. This topic has been on everyone’s lips since the adidas controversy, if not before. We want to de-emotionalise the topic because rental space is commercially worthless in times of a lock-down. Best suited to report on this and support you in rental negotiations is our external partner Frank Reinhold.

Enjoy reading and stay safe!

Klaus Harnack 
Managing Partner

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