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The h+p lab made it it's duty to work on concepts which will coin the Fashion and Lifestylebranche of tomorrow.

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Do it differently – radical changes as an opportunity for the lifestyle sector 14.-15. March, 2016

Digitalization developments and social changes lead to massive shifts in the state of the market, also for the lifestyle sector.

Together, let us question the existing business models and understand these changes to be an opportunity. With the hachmeister + partner lab, we have built an innovative and creative framework for, together with you, developing new ideas and concrete solution possibilities.

In keeping with the motto "DO IT DIFFERENTLY – RADICAL CHANGES AS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE LIFESTYLE SECTOR" we warmly invite you to our first future forum in Berlin.

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Feedback on the evenet

"I found the first future forum to be uncomplicated, informative and dynamic. Compliments to the "Warriors of the Light" they led the day very well. I would very much like to attend the next forum."
Ronald Christen, CEO LOEB AG


"The event took place in an innovative atmosphere. It was entertaining with excellent presentations and pragmatic solutions. As such, it was a more then successful event. However, prior agreement of contents with future participants should be considered."
Julius Brinkmann, Geschäftsleitung bugatti GmbH

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