As a leading consulting company in the fashion, footwear, sports and lifestyle industry, hachmeister + partner accompanies you in the centre of an industry with constantly changing challenges. With strategic foresight, we support you in recognizing the need for change at an early stage, developing practical solutions and implementing them.



Our database is the largest in the German-speaking region of Europe. Based on it, we offer benchmarks for the overall market as well as for various peer groups and segments. With the help of h + p's own SaaS portals, the respective stakeholders - retailers, manufacturers or verticals - can identify potential and recommend implementation of strategies.



By linking data and the latest solutions, such as planning, merchandise management using AI or individual price optimisation, new opportunities open up for optimising processes. The profits? A lower capital investment and a more sustainable use of goods. h + p is the technical and content-related implementation partner at your side.


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What applies in our interactions with our clients is also our motto for the day-to-day work in our own team. We think it is especially important that we develop h + p together as a team, shape it and make it even more successful.,format&rect=0,51,1000,1000&w=150&h=150

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Strategic vision and operational implementation

Selected key topics in which we combine strategic vision and operational implementation expertise.

  • Digital transformation

    We develop solutions for shaping the many different paths to the consumer and for realising the digitalisation potential of internal processes.

  • Sustainability strategy

    In order to help our clients meet the increasing demands of their consumers on the one hand and the legal requirements on the topic of sustainability on the other, clear goals and measures as well as a systematic approach to implementation are required.

  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

    By strengthening the qualitative understanding of target groups and at the same time identifying quantitative potentials of product segments, we support you in market-oriented collection design.

  • Sales Excellence

    We support you in readjusting your sales department by precisely pinpointing opportunities to reach your potential. We find the right growth levers and at the same time make your organisation and daily work more efficient.


Sustainability in the textile industry

The textile industry is responsible for 20 percent of global water pollution, 8 percent of global CO₂ emissions and 4 percent of global waste. Nearly two-thirds of consumers say that the sustainability of a garment is a key purchasing factor for them. In the future, investors will predominantly support companies that can demonstrate ESG factors. EU legislation has already started to hold companies accountable for their sustainability actions.

The h + p team is convinced that both retail and industrial companies must clearly position themselves on the topic of sustainability in order to remain fit for the future. Consumers increasingly expect clear and credible statements in this regard in order to be able to make sustainable purchasing decisions.

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Data-based insights at any level of detail

Thanks to the long-standing trust of our clients, an excellent network and the largest data pool in the fashion, footwear, sports and lifestyle industry, we provide a wide range of analyses on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We are an analytical and professional consulting partner for all levels of employees in your company.

In addition to goods receipt, inventory and sales data with all relevant KPIs, such as calculations, markdowns, merchandise taxation, structures, etc., we use article master data for bestseller analyses (brand performances, article universes, etc.).

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// Benchmarking

Software solutions to create value from unique data

The hachmeister + partner analysis portal as an interactive possibility for market and company analysis for the retail sector, enables the permanent determination of potentials. The focus is on market, assortment, brand and performance analyses down to the item level. Important views are e.g. the management dashboard, the performance heatmap, the supplier and item analyses or the cost and personnel KPIs.

By comparing your company value to the benchmark, development potentials are identified and visualised. Together with you, our consultants derive strategic goals from this, which are then operationalised via master plans.

Anticipate accurately what your customers want. Know their shopping behaviour and the mindset on which it is based. Knowing things like this is more important than ever for retailers today. Customer card data or digital customer apps, professionally evaluated and selected, provide the decisive answers to more customer orientation and added value.

The customer analysis portal from hachmeister + partner analyses your own customer card data continuously as well as deeply and, if desired, links it to the respective benchmarks. With our CRM analysis portal, you identify lost customers and address your top customers in a purposeful manner. Analyse brand combination purchases and manage your marketing in a targeted manner.

The Competitive Intelligence Portal enables brands to compare their own position with individually defined peer groups, recognise trends and identify potential. The focus is on the development of one's own brand in order to adapt one's own actions in a timely and forward-looking manner (optimisation of merchandise management, collection positioning, pricing focus, etc.).

The portal solution is modular and can therefore be tailored to individual needs: In addition to article analyses, the company's own data (own retail, EDI, sales data) can also be used to check its own inventory levels or measure sales performance.

Separated from the h + p data pool, hachmeister + partner has built up a POS address database of the most important retailers in Central Europe for the brand industry and verticals (far more than 30,000 POS). It is easy for us to create target lists for you or, within our sales scorecard, to compare your own POS with our POS database and map them. We can also analyse the availability of brands at different POS.

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