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05. November 2019

Digital B2B Order Platform for the Industry

hachmeister + partner and MobiMedia enter a profound cooperation

More than ever, fashion, sports and lifestyle companies need an open and neutrally orchestrated ecosystem that is tailored to the industry and serves their interests. Data and processes must be digitally linked with intelligent tools in order to create the basis for improved earnings and growth. For small and medium-sized retail and industry this could even become a question of survival. Against this background, h+p solutions operates the h+p fashion platform as an IT subsidiary of hachmeister + partner. Best-in-class solutions in the market are selected, further developed and integrated into the h+p fashion platform. The latest addition: the Order Portal based on the MobiMedia industry solution quintet24.com.

27. August 2019

Peter Eberle new freelance consultant at hachmeister + partner

hachmeister + partner and Peter Eberle are entering into a close cooperation with immediate effect! Peter Eberle, Managing Director at Konen for many years, now brings his expertise to hachmeister + partner as a freelance consultant. They will pool their comprehensive market knowledge and deep operative and strategic experience. In a joint project, they wish to design a new approach to transform traditional physical retail into an excellent, multichannel-enabled platform in the digital environment. Together, they will work on retail projects over the coming months. A long-term cooperation is planned.

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  • 04. June 2019

    Advisory Board 4.0

    What can good advisory boards and supervisory boards achieve? Well prepared they increase entrepreneurial success.

    This was the conclusion of the BEIRAT 4.0 event organized by Alexander Gedat, Michael Hauf (hachmeister + partner) and Jürgen Müller (SUITS. Group) in Düsseldorf in June.

    Alexander Gedat, who has held leading positions at Marc O'Polo for more than 20 years, says that he had often experienced how not to do it. Reason for him to take a closer look at the topic. He recently became Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Ahlers AG and is the co-initiator of the event.  The Advisory Board, he feels, has been underestimated so far, poorly used and is often wrongly staffed.  This experience is the recurring theme throughout the event.

    Good advice is more in demand than ever, especially against the backdrop of the current structural change.  "Decision-makers have to accelerate and slow down at the same time", says Michael Hauff, partner of the management consultancy hachmeister + partner, explaining the dilemma of the lifestyle industry.  Family businesses, in particular, are often not professionally positioned yet and do not boast a great deal of expertise, says Michael Müller, Partner at Deloitte München.

    There is no such thing as THE perfect advisory board – it is the composition of the committee comprised of real experts in their field that makes for a successful mix, all contributors agree.

  • 08. Mai 2019

    hap Tool seminars

    What is success?

    Success is the sum of right decisions. The right decisions are taken based on experience and experience is the sum of many wrong decisions, it is said.

    Shorten the path and take the right decisions right away on the basis of well-founded key parameters. Interpret your key parameters correctly and choose the measures suitable for you in order to implement them. This creates security and transparency in your team and will strengthen you as a manager.

    We support you in using the hap tool correctly, analyzing your key parameters correctly, deriving the right measures and integrating the tool into your everyday life. Either generally or specifically tailored to your company, depending on the type of seminar.

    Analyze your potential and start the next season with the Basic,Basic or the Advance Seminar.

    Send an email to seminare@hachmeister-partner.de to discuss your individual options.

  • 20. February 2019

    Innovation Day with SPH AG and h + p hachmeister + partner scheduled on Febuary 19th, 2019 in Cologne

    Under the motto: "Success factors in omnichannel commerce - Do's and Don'ts", everything revolves around the intelligent and seamless linking of all sales channels and which technologies are used successfully. In addition, we present the results of the h + p study "Omnichannel Experience Benchmarking". Let our experts show you practice-oriented solutions for your omnichannel strategy and discuss them with like-minded people at eye level.

    Look forward to a great day with exciting lectures and top-class speakers.

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  • 01. January 2019

    Expansion of the management

    Frank Ganzasch and Tobias Humpert were appointed to the management on 01.01.2019.

    With this step, we are setting the course for the future in leadership as well. Thus, in addition to Tobias Humpert and Frank Ganzasch, the management consists of Klaus Harnack, Michael Hauf and Lars Voss.

    While Tobias Humpert will set new standards as a digital expert in consulting, this area will be further strengthened by the former departmental head of benchmarking Frank Ganzasch.

    By structuring it into consulting, benchmarking and solutions, we have also set ourselves up organisationally for the requirements of the market and will sustainably support you with a unique combination of consulting expertise, granular data and IT tools.

  • 20. December 2018

    Tobias Humpert as a speaker at the National Retail Conference in Manila

    The NRCE is the largest and most important event in Filipino retail, comprising 800 top commercial and industrial managers. 

    For more than 20 years, the NRCE's two-day conference and exhibition has served as a hub for networking and updates on the latest developments in the local and international retail landscape, establishing itself as an institution for discussing issues and concerns affecting the industry. The conference praises well-known industry experts from abroad and an international mix of participants. 

    As part of this year's conference, Tobias Humpert spoke on the changes in European fashion trade and the insights gained from them. 

    Find out more about the event here.


  • 08. November 2018

    Klaus Harnack and Tobias Humpert as speakers at the German Fashion Trade Congress

    On November 8th, Klaus Harnack and Tobias Humpert gave a lecture on the topic "The Future of the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry - Strategic Challenges, Fields of Action, Recommendations" as part of the German Fashion Trade Congress in Düsseldorf.

    Further information about the congress can be found at this link.

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