05. Oktober 2020

Innovation Day with SPH AG and h + p hachmeister + partner scheduled on Febuary 19th, 2019 in Cologne

Under the motto: "Success factors in omnichannel commerce - Do's and Don'ts", everything revolves around the intelligent and seamless linking of all sales channels and which technologies are used successfully. In addition, we present the results of the h + p study "Omnichannel Experience Benchmarking". Let our experts show you practice-oriented solutions for your omnichannel strategy and discuss them with like-minded people at eye level.

Look forward to a great day with exciting lectures and top-class speakers.

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27. July 2020

IAF Global Apparel Sourcing Expo 2020

Thursday, 6th August 2020 - 14:00-18:30

Today's challenges require new cooperation, technologies and resources. This international event, which is developed and organized by the International Apparel Federation (IAF) in cooperation with FOURSOURCE, is an ideal opportunity for future-oriented manufacturers to come in contact with buyers globally.

Don't miss our presentation on "hachmeister + partner Competitive Intelligence Portal: Monitors Competitors, Exploiting Market Opportunities and Increase Profitability".

Please join the open conference here.

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  • 08. June 2020

    BTE Digital Congress 2020 "Fashion-Emotion 4.0

    The fashion industry after the Corona crisis: local and digital | 18.06.2020 | 10:00 - 14:00 as a live stream

    Klaus Harnack and Christoph Schwarzl will give a lecture on the topic "Too much merchandise - How can the fashion retail and industry get out of the corona crisis together?

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  • 27. Mai 2020

    "Pursuing qualitative growth"


  • 13. Mai 2020

    GAP in Fashion

    Your heart beats for the fashion sector. There is no question that you will find your happiness in it after your bachelor's degree. You just don't know exactly how, when and in which area?

    It is exactly for people like you that we have created our "GAP in Fashion": We give you a year-long opportunity to get to know yourself, your talents and various companies and areas of the fashion and lifestyle sector. This will give you the best possible basis for your decision as to whether starting your career or studying for a master's degree should be the next step in your career.

    "GAP in Fashion" is something like your intensive speed dating with the fashion and lifestyle industry.

    Three at one go:
    hachmeister + partner x MARC O'POLO x TextilWirtschaft

    The program lasts twelve months and includes three internships of at least three months' duration - in different departments of three different companies.

    Are you curious?

    Then find out more here!

    Or apply directly here


  • 11. Mai 2020

    The Order Optimizer - The digital order center for retailer

    The current corona crisis situation is presenting us with new challenges, in health, economic and political terms. However, it also promotes rapid rethinking and action in the context of the opportunities offered by digitisation in our industry and can therefore also be seen as a catalyst for changes that have long been necessary. Understanding the crisis as an opportunity.

    We present an update from the h+p Digital garage, the Order Optimizer - the digital order centre for retailer.

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  • 11. Mai 2020

    Successful together - only if both sides are prepared to act

    "Only together we can be successful" has been one of the most popular slogans among brand and retail players since COVID-19 at the latest. Unfortunately, statements that are repeated so often sometimes have the characteristic that they bore us at some point or that one would like to negate or adapt them from the point of view of progress. In this case, the statement should be left as it is, or even underlined twice. The Corona crisis is increasing the pressure for joint action as exponentially as the number of infected people worldwide. But that is not all: Business models must also change ...

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  • 17. April 2020

    Rethink and act, now

    Historically and unprecedented is Covid-19. Fundamental the impact. Huge challenges for society and state. But also opportunities for change.
    Change the rhythm of the season and postpone it by one month. Everyone wins with this free measure. The consumer is happy that he can still buy summer goods in summer. Retail and industry are satisfied because they can sell the goods with better margins.
    Last but not least, the value of the products increases again!
    We at h+p support these measures. Speaking with associations, trade fairs and with our partners in the industry.
    Please contact me and let us arrange a meeting.

    Uwe Seibicke, Partner
    Mobil:  +49 172 5217 350
    E-Mail: useibicke@hachmeister-partner.de


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