The Success DNA

Orientation on the previous year's figures and generally comparable data is not enough to gain new strategic insights. Our benchmarking is a holistic approach that begins deep within your processes, and based on comparable top reference values and subsequent process optimizing, brings you forward to a whole new area of performance categories.

The Success DNA

h+p objective in the area of comparative studies is to generate individual benchmarks. A large number of influencing factors will be taken into consideration, e.g. company size, company structures, stocked assortments, price ranges, external influences etc..

Comparing your company values to the benchmark will determine and visualise development potential. Based on the identified potential and together with our consultants, strategic objectives will be defined, that will then be brought into operation with the help of our master plans.

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Based on our extensive and very granular data panel, we offer a variety of products and services.

In addition to standardized as well as customer-specific products, individual services are also part of our range of services.
These services include answering individual questions and analyzing specific issues.
Our in-depth know-how in the fashion, footwear, sports and lifestyle industry, a unique data pool and methodical approach are the prerequisites for decision supportive results.

Products + Services

Various products for retail and industry + services

hachmeister+partner analysis portal

Via the “hap” (hachmeister+partner analysis portal) you can access current market developments with any web-enabled device anywhere and anytime.

You now have access to your latest reports 24/7, can show all key performance data of brands/ranges through the integrated analysis function and immediately compare them with your own company’s values right in the portal.

First Feedback of our Clients:

  • ““hap” satisfies all my information needs”
  • “Great – good data, smart handling, no frills”
  • “The possibility to just quickly check the performance of a brand is unrivalled”
  • “With this tool I even have a perfect overview at the trade fair”
  • “All of my analyses in one place”
  • “In the hachmeister+partner portal my potential is disclosed in a beautifully eye-catching way”

You want to use our “hap”?      The prerequisite is a basic client contract with us. For questions please contact Mr Frank Ganzasch:

Phone: +49(0)521 / 2995-132

Follow this procedure:

Via this link you can apply for guest access and gain an initial overview of the “hap”. hachmeister+partner staff will contact you to schedule an appointment for a personal introduction / brief training. Jointly we will lay down the individual access rights for your users (analyses, authority areas).  After this appointment you will already have full access to all functionalities and benefit from using the “hap”.

At present, more than 1,200 people already have access to the portal and benefit from its use.

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hachmeister+partner analysis portal


Products + Services

Various products for retail and industry + services



Data panel

Based on our comprehensive data panel, we offer a wide range of products and services.

Apart from standardised products and those specifically agreed upon with the client, individual services are a part of our portfolio.

These services comprise the assistance with individual requests as well as the analysis of certain aspects. Our profound knowledge of the fashion sector, a unique data pool as well as a methodical approach are the prerequisites for decision-supporting results.


Analysis examples:

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Analysis by region



  • Where do your customers come from?
  • From which regions/ZIP code do your A/B customers come from primarily?
  • Breakdown by distance driven
  • Customer migration analysis
  • In which regions/ZIP code areas have you lost/won customers?
    Where do you risk losing most customers?
  • Market potential calculations
  • In which ZIP code areas do you enjoy the highest reach and/or growth potential?

Brand universe


Brand universe


  • Which interdependence exists between the brands in your company; any deviations in this aspect from the benchmark?
  • Does the brand arrangement on the area fit shoppers’ purchasing behaviour and/or the existing brand neighbourhoods?


Various products for retail and industry + services

h+p market and end user studies

The fashion industry is faced with major challenges.

On the basis of our extensive market knowledge we offer you actionable insights!

h + p boasts a unique, granular data pool for fashion, footwear, sports, bodywear and accessories – and we are in a position to enrich it even further with cutting-edge analysis methods.

In the process we drill down from a global brand view down to the article level.

Where does future growth/market potential emerge for me, what do other brands do better (or worse), how does my brand position itself in the competitive environment? And who is actually my shopper?

Contact us with your individual questions here!

Or call us on telephone +49(0)521 - 2995-110

Download area


Download area (studies in German only)

Here you’ll find the results of a representative shopper study on>>  fashion


Shopper Analysis

Shopper analysis

  • Shopper types: h+p benchmarks for your shoppers’ fashion affinity, their premium affinity, their inclination to buy in sales, shopping frequency, etc.
  • Shift of shopper structures
  • Shopper migration between brands
  • Shopping baskets and their development over time
  • Shopper surveys

(ToDo: translate ...) Kundenanalysen


Study Example:

Shopper migrations from and to renowned product specialists:
Who am I losing shoppers to, who am I gaining shoppers from?
And which age group, spending bracket, style group, shopper type goes


Brand positioning

Brand Positioning

  • Brand neighbourhoods
  • Fashion level and price level
  • Socio-demographic setting and social milieus
  • Emotional brand core


Brand Positioning

Study Example:

Brand universe: holistic representation of the relevant brands in the portfolio of your shoppers, brand affinity of premium shoppers, sales shoppers, etc.



Market/Brand Structures and Developments

Market/Brand Structures and Developments

  • Range and brand development
  • Long-term trends and forecasts
  • Price point analyses
  • Merchandise flow/Replenishment
  • Article analyses/Mood boards


Study Example:

Analysis of performance data of a product specialist as well as of their competitors for a sub-range down to the article/price level.

Where are my opportunities/potentials compared to my direct competitors?

How should replenishment be optimised in keeping with demand? Which price points can be strengthened?


Market Potentials


Market Potentials

  • National and international (France, Great Britain, Russia, ...)
  • Market entry strategies and market potentials
  • Individual regional aggregations, town sizes, catchment areas, buying power, …
  • Relevance and potential of sales channels
  • Location rating, identification of relevant POS

Market Potentials

Study Examples:

  • Market potential check for a major outfitter: structures and players on the French apparel market, online and offline; assessment of market potential.
  • Which regions/cities should I focus on and which attractive POS exist for me there?
  • Do I have to adjust my range and price portfolio?



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