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03. September 2018

Tobias Humpert as a speaker at the National Retail Conference in Manila

The NRCE is the largest and most important event in Filipino retail, comprising 800 top commercial and industrial managers. 

For more than 20 years, the NRCE's two-day conference and exhibition has served as a hub for networking and updates on the latest developments in the local and international retail landscape, establishing itself as an institution for discussing issues and concerns affecting the industry. The conference praises well-known industry experts from abroad and an international mix of participants. 

As part of this year's conference, Tobias Humpert spoke on the changes in European fashion trade and the insights gained from them. 

Find out more about the event here.


23. August 2018

Fashion Innovation Day with SPH AG and h + p hachmeister + partner scheduled on Juli 6th, 2018 at Microsoft in Zürich.

Omnichannel Innovation Day with SPH AG and hachmeister + partner on October 11th in Ludwigsburg

Under the motto: "Success Factors in Omnichannel Commerce - Do's and Don'ts" it's all about the intelligent and incomplete linking of all sales channels and technologies that are used here. We are pleased to present the results of the h + p study "Omnichannel Experience Benchmarking". Let our experts convince you! Discover practical solutions for your omnichannel strategy and work with like-minded people at eye level.

Look forward to a great day with exciting lectures and top-class speakers.

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17. August 2018


In an increasingly digital market, consumers can access an inexhaustible supply from a multitude of retailers in just a few clicks. In this highly competitive environment, the (cross-channel) customer journey increasingly becomes the factor determining the success or failure of a retailer. Customer demands are rising rapidly. The issue is not just whether the digital functions and channel-linking services considered relevant from the shopper point of view are offered, but also what kind of quality the shopper experiences when using them. Only those who can successfully turn the shoppers’ search and buying process in every channel and across channels into a seamless and excellent experience will be able to prevail in the digital market environment. 

The OMNICHANNEL EXPERIENCE INDEX 2018 delivers a comprehensive picture of the fashion industry’s current development status and forms the basis for a company-specific benchmark analysis for concept creation and ongoing monitoring. This White Paper gives you a taste of some of the elements of the customer journey, presented in the form of a summary index of all analysed companies. If you are interested in an individual benchmark comparison of your company against selected competitors in your home market or market participants in the US, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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  • 09. July 2018

    Fashion Innovation Day with SPH AG and h + p hachmeister + partner scheduled on Juli 6th, 2018 at Microsoft in Zürich.

    We invite you to have an inspirering day with us to explore the notion of:
    „The future of Fashion – how product and technology could form a symbiosys for brands, retailers and consumer“.
    This event will show-cast what’s important to consider going fast forward in our industry. Therefore we, SPH and hachmeister + partner, have curated an agenda with lot’s of industry best practices focussing on a data driven alignment of processes and solutions to manage the agile fashion business.
    We kindly want to draw your attention to the prepared agenda as following:
    • Data – A new era has begun: h+p Benchmarking Services to optimise business performance in fashion, sports and lifestyle businesses (h+p)
    • IN:FASHION the SPH industry solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 – A perfect symbiosys for your company success (live demoed by SPH)
    • Why PIM matters for the customer journey (SPH)
    • Fashion Innovations - mobile & conversional commerce (h+p)
    Please save the date fort he upcoming event  „Fashion Innovation Day Zürich“ on July 6th, 2018.
    We look forward to meeting you!
  • 14. March 2018

    Career Fair in Mannheim - We look forward to talking with you!

    On Tuesday, 17th April 2018, the great Career Fair takes place in Mannheim.

    We are available to interested students and applicants - answering questions about "Consulting in the fashion, sports and lifestyle sectory".

    Apply in advance with us or come to our booth. We look forward to meeting you!

    Further information about the Career Fair can be found here:


  • 09. January 2018

    h + p is speaker and sponsor at the GDSS in London

    h + p will be present as a speaker and sponsor at the 6th Global Department Store Summit (GDSS) this year. The conference will take place from 24.-25. May 2018 in London and is organized by Selfridges and the IGDS.

    GDSS has become the world’s leading discussion platform for department store CEOs and senior executives and their stakeholders including brands, suppliers and service companies to meet, to network and to exchange ideas.

    The conference will unlock the latest thinking on the shift in consumer attitude towards luxury, and the importance of mindful consumption, as well as exploring new partnerships between department stores and brands. The programme will bring together leading CEOs and brands as well as renowned experts and innovators to share their insights on what The Power of Luxury Redefined offers to department stores and brands.

    This link takes you directly to the registry.

  • 05. September 2017

    Görtz and Wortmann change the industry through a joint project "Process optimization for planning and controlling the goods"

    The question of how to remain competitive and position itself for the future occupies shoe retailers and manufacturing companies alike. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly question existing strategies and concepts and to develop them if necessary. In the footwear industry, optimizing the value chain provides many opportunities to improve outcomes for both the trading and industry partners. With this maxim, the companies Görtz and Wortmann Schuh-Holding commissioned us to revise the existing processes and to identify potential in a joint project.
    It's likely to attract attention in the industry, as this close collaboration between two partners with supposedly different interests will further develop and revolutionize the industry. Because the goal of providing the right product at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity is now achievable. In various workshops with a team from both companies, a process for the future planning and control of the goods was developed. The binding nature of the availability of goods and thus planning security was in the foreground. Without mutual understanding, more transparency on both sides and an honest exchange, this goal would not have been achievable. In the future, a joint limit and inventory planning will be created that sets concrete monthly goals for the entire season. This is matched in the Vororder, but also extends over the entire Nachorder, so that can be continuously adjusted depending on the actual season course.
  • 19. Mai 2017


    On Friday, the 9th of June 2017 the big career fair, Business Contacts, will take place in Münster. This year, hachmeister + partner will once again be there to answer questions from interested students and applicants about the topic "Advice in the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry". You will find us from 10:00 on the stand number 17 in the courtyard. Apply in advance with us or come to our booth. We look forward to meeting you! More information about the YPD can be found here.

  • 15. Mai 2017

    SEAK and hachmeister + partner agree a strategic cooperation

    SEAK, the competent system and software provider for personnel planning in the retail sector and hachmeister + partner agree on a strategic cooperation. While SEAK continues to develop the systems in its core, h + p will provide the appropriate benchmarking and qualification consulting after the systems have been implemented. For the clients and clients of both companies, many additional services are provided.  

    Decisive factor for the stationary trade are and remain the teams in the sales. It will no longer be just about scheduling or cost optimization, but focusing on customer retention and development. For this purpose, newly developed profiles and tasks will influence employee engagement and effectiveness in the future. New processes and key figures will highlight the potential, increase added value with customers and thus achieve a better result. The combined benefit modules will be offered and made available in the coming months. 


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